Play in Fullscreen | No need any mod

Hi everybody.Do you know that you could play in fullscreen by just pressing a key.No need any mode, no need any code to write, only one key.Also, it works for all .io games.

How to play in fullscreen mode

Maybe, some of you know it but we still explain how to do for friends who don’t know.There is just one condition; you have to use Chrome Web Browser and the only thing you should do to play in full screen is to press F11 when you are playing or in main screen.Yes, just it! Try and enjoy playing all .io games in fullscreen.Since you have more vision, you might be more concentrated and be able to get more points easily.
Note: You can exit by pressing ‘F11’ again.

Fullscreen Mode For Mac

For the Mac users; Hey guys, I guess that you looked at your ‘F11’ and saw the ‘Volume’.Don’t blame me for lying.You are different.You should hit;

  • Command+Shift+F

So are you exit by hitting the same keystroke again.


If you have any questions, please ask.

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