Mod [ Chrome Extension] isn’t as popular game as, as addicting as it is and if there is an addicting game like that, there is always the following question in people’s mind.

Is there any trick, cheat, hack or a mod for

Yes, there is.

As we said, If you want to be in leaderboard more easily, there is a way and we explained how to do.

It might be called like a hack by somebody.However we still think that it doesn’t deserve called like that

What are you going to be able to do with this mod?

It allows you to just make zoom in/zoom out during the game.

Although it seems like a small feature, making zoom in/out may ensure you to survive more in the game and assist you to gain more score by showing you further rival narwhales.

How to install mod

You should add the chrome extension from here( Link will direct you to chrome web store)

After adding, it seems like this on your chrome; (You can remove it anytime you want)



Okey, let’s get started the game.

How to make zoom out&in in



We can be making zoom out&in by pressing N&M keys(I don’t think that you want to make zoom in, though 🙂 ) and make quick defense with W, ALT or SHIFT keys

The more viewpoint you have, the more score you gain.




We are going to try to update here if any hack, trick or more feature are launched.Have a good game

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