How to play with your friends

Hi guys,  I am going to tell you the easiest way to play with your own friends.I said the easiest way because we will be using chrome extension and it will take just a few minutes.Before starting, I want to notice that there is a way that doesn’t need to use an extension.However, it is more complex and I am thinking to explain it in a week.

Let’s get started.

Add that extension to your chrome.Your friend(s) who you want to play with do too(Don’t worry, you can remove it anytime you want)

  • Now, let’s go to  will look like;


As you see in the picture.There is a button which writes on ‘Select a server’.The only thing we have to do is click it and choose the same server as your friend.Finding yourselves mission on the map belongs to you 🙂


Well, what else can you do with this chrome extension in playing with your friends? No.

It has some little tricks that ensure you to make high scores.What are these?

  • You can make zoom in/out during the game by using this chrome extension, which is the biggest trick you have ever had.The bigger viewpoint the more mass.I am sure that it helps you to grow easily.Use mouse scroll to make zoom in/out


  • The last one makes you have a lunch during the game.As you know, there isn’t a pause button in case of any condition that makes you stay away from the computer, your snake probably die.However, if you press ‘F’ during the game with this extension, your snake will start to turn around and no one can eat you.Someone may try to surround you, but he can not eat you.

Note: You must press ‘F’ again to move like before




I hope you have fun playing

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