Splix.io Mod | Making zoom out | Playing with friends

Splix.io another addicting game.If you are tired to lose again and again and finding an easy way to gain score or just want to explore something.We have the news for you.There are some hack methods for splix.io.

Today, we are here to explain a splix.io mod which allows you to play with friends, make zoom in/out during the game, take a break anytime you want.Cool right?

Splix.io Mod [Chrome Extension]

How to install?

You have to add the splix.io chrome extension from here(The link will direct you to chrome web store, don’t worry, you can remove it anytime you want)After adding, go to splix.io and let’s try.

Playing with friends

As you can see below there is a new tab named by ‘Select Server’.If you want to play with your friends, the only thing you have to do is to select the same server name with them



Making zoom out/in

There wouldn’t be a better feature which deserves to be called by trick&hack&cheat or whatever you say.Because, in splix.io the faster you act the more you live, it is a simple and certain rule.I won’t tell you the utility of the zoom-out.I am sure that you know it more than me.

  • Scroll up mouse- Making zoom in
  • Scroll down mouse- Making zoom out


Stopping cell

Normally, the time you want to take a break during the game will probably the last moment before your cell death.However, this mod has a feature that ensures you to stop cell like a pause key.

  • Press P to stop (the cell starts to turn around itself)

Note: This can only be used in your own territory, otherwise the game over.