Tips to Get On 1st Place Easily

Have you been trying again and again but still not get a place on the top list in’t blame the chance.First, You should get some tips Champions already know and then If you think that you are beaten you can blame the chance that time.

Note: I don’t know whether you like it but the tips that you will read contain a little trick.

Press F11 before playing

  • F11 ensure you to play in fullscreen.(One of features of Google Chrome Web Browser, If you are Mac user, click here how to do.)

If a snake speed up, follow it

  • If there is a snake speed up,either it is running away from danger or it is trying to eat someone else.However both of two situations means that there will be some mass to eat soon.

Your tail is your shelter.

  • In case of dangereous moments, use your own tail as a safety place

Making zoom out / in

  • The greatest one, some of yours may know it, but it will a big surprise for people who don’t know.You can make zoom in & out (which more useful than zoom in) in will give you bigger vision, you are able to see the dead snakes, even though it stands too far to see for you normally and start to move quicker than the others.Shortly, the more vision you have the more food to eat.

How to make zoom out & in

Surely, You should add an extension to your chrome to make it.Here you can reach the extension that will allow you to make zoom.It can be removed anytime you want

  1. Add the extension
  2. Go to
  3. Use mouse scrolls to make zoom out/in when playing
  4. Click here to get more information about extension

Use the pause button in case you need

  • What?There is no button like that in have heard that you said that.You can pause your snake during the game with a extension.The only thing you have to do is to add extension and press ‘F’.Your snake will start to circle own around and make the smallest circle it can be that time.As a result, no one can eat you, you can be circled but they can’t eat.The extension is the same as it allow you to make zoom

What could you do if you are being cirled

  • There are 2 ways to get out.If you have an extension, press F (pause button) and wait until the snake give up.If you don’t have anything like that try to kill the big snake

Play in Fullscreen | No need any mod

Hi everybody.Do you know that you could play in fullscreen by just pressing a key.No need any mode, no need any code to write, only one key.Also, it works for all .io games.

How to play in fullscreen mode

Maybe, some of you know it but we still explain how to do for friends who don’t know.There is just one condition; you have to use Chrome Web Browser and the only thing you should do to play in full screen is to press F11 when you are playing or in main screen.Yes, just it! Try and enjoy playing all .io games in fullscreen.Since you have more vision, you might be more concentrated and be able to get more points easily.
Note: You can exit by pressing ‘F11’ again.

Fullscreen Mode For Mac

For the Mac users; Hey guys, I guess that you looked at your ‘F11’ and saw the ‘Volume’.Don’t blame me for lying.You are different.You should hit;

  • Command+Shift+F

So are you exit by hitting the same keystroke again.


If you have any questions, please ask.

Music list to listen when playing .io games

Hi, friends.I have made a music-list for somebody who would rather play all .io games(,,…) with music.I hope you will enjoy listening and make high scores with aid of my music list.

music list for io games

music list for io games


If you have any music suggestion, don’t forget to share with us, will you?

How to play in fullscreen

Hi, lovers.Do you know that you can play in fullscreen.Also, it is so easy that there is no need any mod, any code or anything like that.It will give you more vision.If you hear for the first time, you will wish, you had got it before.

Making your screen  full


  • The only thing you have to do is to press F11 when you are playing.
  • Press F11 again to undo.


Have a good game in fullscreen.Share your best scores, will you? zoom out extension

I don’t know whether you like it or not when you hear it, but, there is a cheat of game that we love too much.Also, I am sure that most people use it.Ready to get it?

Its name is ZOOM HACK.Normally, we just see a bit part of that big map and our location from it as you know.Maybe, there is a first world snake war above us or champion snake is killed below us, we may go away to know nothing from over there whereas the gamers who use zoom hack can see easily where is the party.They have larger viewpoint than us and one step ahead of us
Note: On the other hand, you see yourself smaller as you make a zoom out and very small snakes eating you possibility is getting bigger.However, its positive sides really bigger than negatives.Therefore, it deserves to be called ‘SLITHER.İO HACK’

Oh right.How can I make a zoom out in

The only thing you have to is to own a mod and installing the extension to your chrome is the easiest way to get it.

How can I have zoom out mod?

Here, you can go my favorite chrome extension address (It is linking you to chrome web store) and you should add it.It will appear in the corner of Chrome like other extensions.Don’t worry, you can remove it anytime you want.



I added it to my Chrome.What am I going to do now?

You have reached the best part.Go to will look like this;



  • Use your mouse scrolls to make a zoom out/in when you are playing.




Share your best scores with us, will you?


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How to change skin in[So easy that]

Hi friends.Don’t you know how to change skin in, it is so easy that the only thing you have to do is to click the change skin button where is standing bottom left of the screen.



OK.However, you can’t see any button like that.Because, firstly wants you to click share on facebook&twitter button to unlock ‘change skin’ where is the bottom right of the screen.




After sharing,change skin button will automatically appear on page, then, just click it, use arrows or mouse and choose your champion snake costume.




  • Well.What if you don’t have any twitter&facebook accounts or doesn’t want to share anything about on your social, what will you do?.

How to change skin without sharing?

FIRST WAY: You have to click share on tt&fb button, but, you don’t have to share anything.I mean, you will be directed to twitter&facebook sites to be getting your final approval, after you click.Then, just don’t do anything and turn back to skin button will have been activated and you won’t have shared anything on your socials.(It works, even you haven’t any social accounts)

SECOND WAY: You can add this extension to your chrome from here ( mod) and here to get more details about this mod.It will already have been activated change  skin and some other tricks, after installing


Have a good game with new skins.



How to play with your friends

Hi guys,  I am going to tell you the easiest way to play with your own friends.I said the easiest way because we will be using chrome extension and it will take just a few minutes.Before starting, I want to notice that there is a way that doesn’t need to use an extension.However, it is more complex and I am thinking to explain it in a week.

Let’s get started.

Add that extension to your chrome.Your friend(s) who you want to play with do too(Don’t worry, you can remove it anytime you want)

  • Now, let’s go to  will look like;


As you see in the picture.There is a button which writes on ‘Select a server’.The only thing we have to do is click it and choose the same server as your friend.Finding yourselves mission on the map belongs to you 🙂


Well, what else can you do with this chrome extension in playing with your friends? No.

It has some little tricks that ensure you to make high scores.What are these?

  • You can make zoom in/out during the game by using this chrome extension, which is the biggest trick you have ever had.The bigger viewpoint the more mass.I am sure that it helps you to grow easily.Use mouse scroll to make zoom in/out


  • The last one makes you have a lunch during the game.As you know, there isn’t a pause button in case of any condition that makes you stay away from the computer, your snake probably die.However, if you press ‘F’ during the game with this extension, your snake will start to turn around and no one can eat you.Someone may try to surround you, but he can not eat you.

Note: You must press ‘F’ again to move like before




I hope you have fun playing